P/F Fiskaaling (Fiskaaling Ltd.) was established in 1970. The Faroese government is the sole owner of the share capital.

The original mission of Fiskaaling was to administer the salmon and trout breeding programme, and to develop work with halibut, cod and other new fish species in the Faroese aquaculture industry.

The original mission objectives were:

  • to conduct scientific experiments in connection with fish and shellfish aquafarming.
  • to improve the Faroese fish farming resources.
  • to conduct commercial activities within fish and shellfish farming.

In 2009, the Fiskaaling objectives were amended, introducing research as an important part of Fiskaaling activities. The objectives now read:

  • to research, develop and advice within the farming of water-based animals and plants and within bio-technology,
  • to conduct commercial activities within this field of activities, and
  • other related activities.

Milestones in Faroese aquaculture history:

  • 1966-1967 Trout roe imported from Denmark
  • 1970 P/F Fiskaaling was founded
  • 1973 The Faroese government takes over P/F Fiskaaling
  • 1978-1984 Salmon roe imported from Norway
  • 1984 P/F Fiskaaling stops importing roe from Norway, due to IPN
  • 1991 P/F Fiskaaling starts breeding programme with 150 families. Selection is made with respect to growth and early pubescence
  • 1992 Disease resistance becomes part of selection
  • 1995 Fish colour becomes part of selection
  • 1997 Fillet fat becomes part of selection
  • 1999 Number of families increased from 150 to 400 families
  • 2001-2005 Experiments with halibut farming
  • 2001 Roe import is resumed
  • 2006 Experiments with cod farming
  • 2009 New objectives adopted for Fiskaaling
  • 2009 New statutes adopted for Fiskaaling. Research, development and councelling become important part of activities
  • 2010 Cooperation with SalmoBreed
  • 2016 Roe production is discontinued. Fiskaaling’s core activities are research, development, councelling and services
  • 2016 Faroese salmon family is preserved and the breeding programme is resumed
  • 2017 Bakkafrost Ltd. assumes responsibility for the Faroese salmon family and the breeding programme