Lumpfish and Infection

How do lumpfish fight infection?

Lumpfish suffer from high mortality rates connected to bacterial infections despite vaccinations which provide protection against some common pathogens like Pasteurella. There are many open questions regarding how the lumpfish immune system is organized and functions, and the role of the commensal microbiome. This information that is critical to developing more effective vaccines, optimizing feed, and supportive measures like probiotics. 

Fiskaaling has performed an initial study utilizing 16s rRNA NGS amplicon sequencing which investigated the bacterial communities associated with hatchery water, transport water, sea cages, and various mucosal surfaces of lumpfish from Faroese and Islandic origin. That study established the method in our department and has laid the groundwork for further development in this expanding research area.

Lumpfish intestinal health pilot project: We are working on a pilot project to collect faecal samples for microbiome analysis and intestinal tissue for immune-related gene expression and histology during routine lumpfish welfare checks. The microbial community, immune response data, and histology will then be compared to operational welfare indicators such as liver colour and skin damage.


Contact: Amanda Vang