Ernst S. Olsen, Jóhanna L. Køtlum, Annette S. Davidsen


Chief Executive Officer

Jóhanna Lava Køtlum was appointed director of Fiskaaling Ltd. in 2016. Jóhanna is a certified biologist from Tromsø University / Aarhus University, and holds a Masters’ Degree in Environmental Assessment from the University of Aalborg. She has previously worked at the Faroese Food and Veterinary Authority, head of department and director at the Faroese Environment Agency, and head of the Greenland Fisheries Department in Nuuk.

The director of Fiskaaling is responsible for the professional, strategic and financial operation of Fiskaaling. She is also responsible for all in-house transactions in connection with activities, assets, relations with the authorities and the industry, in addition to personnel matters.


The General Administration Office

The administration office is responsible for a number of internal services as well as relations with exterior parts.

The tasks at hand include regular reception and other contacts addressed to Fiskaaling. Other tasks include:

  • Supervision and implementation of general requirements and certifications.
  • Staff expertise training and scheduling training programmes.
  • Agreements and communication with suppliers.
  • Company purchases.
  • Secretary to the Safety and Security Committee.

The office also co-ordinates activities and external relations, and participation in various projects, organisation of conferences and events. Other tasks include:

  • Website administration, information and news service.
  • Membership of EURAXESS.
  • Development cooperation.

The office oversees the company’s assets, i.e. buildings, equipment and transport vehicles, to ensure necessary maintenance, updates and repairs.