Back: Erna Olsen, Jóhannus Kristmundsen. Front: Heðin Abrahamsen, Sissal V. Erenbjerg, Jógvan F. Hansen, Tróndur T. Johannesen

Fjord Dynamics

The Department of Fjord Dynamics at Fiskaaling Ltd. aims to improve the understanding of the oceanographic environment and conditions in Faroese fjords and aquaculture sites.

Aquaculture is an ever-developing field, constantly being presented with new challenges. Because of this, there is a perpetual need for new knowledge and information. Fiskaaling has a history of producing cutting-edge research and is proud to host several PhD students.

Much of the research carried out in the Fjord Dynamics department is both fundamental science and highly applicable to industry, allowing the department to work closely with farmers in mutually beneficial collaborations.

Work carried out for industry includes predicting currents in fjords, advising on equipment specifications, and where to locate farms. The team spends much time collecting data in the field on board our research vessel using several ADCPs.